Mark 1 Iron Man Helmet and Armor facts

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We all know Tony Stark's story of how he turned a grim situation into his literal salvation. Consider the symbolism present in Tony's tale, because he was able to set himself free from incarceration literally and figuratively.

Stan Lee created the character Tony Stark amid the Vietnam war, but he still holds up today, with a modern reinterpretation in Afghanistan.

Tony's original Iron Man helmet was little more than spare parts and his armor was no different.

You will not find any elaborate heads up display in his Mark 1 Iron Man helmet. Time constraints allowed only for the most basic tech.

Heavy steel meant the Mark 1 had limited mobility and, as a matter of fact, abilities. His suit was a true illustration of function following form and could operate only for a short time.

In the comics, the Mark 1 Iron Man helmet was flat and had a silver- ish shine to it that suggested the look of a contemporary knight in shining armor. It's a good thing that it was constructed of such brawny material, given that Tony's escape meant his armor would need to endure the assault of his captors.

In reality, open eye holes would be awfully precarious- just 1 well aimed bullet or some shrapnel would take down Stark's alter ego in quickly. Stark's power source kept his heart and the paraphernalia on the Mark 1 working.

The electro magnet in his chest plate kept the bits of steel in his chest away from his heart. And, of course, subsequent variations of Stark's suit would engage the same procedure.

Characters out of text do not always ring quite as true with film versions.

As an example, the Batman movies were profitable before Tim Burton's parting the franchise and only Christopher Nolan was able to revitalize the series.

But we are here to chat in relation to Iron Man's armor so how about we get right down to it.

In the movie, careful thought was applied to making sure that the Mark .

This proved to be very lucrative, as fans embraced Marvel's first solo movie- and this is not easy, because comic book fans can be some of the harshest critics.

In the movie, Tony's armor looks very much like it was made from unused weapon apparatus. Audiences hardly had to suspend their disbelief to accept this likelihood.

The steampunk look of the Mark I was menacing enough and capable enough to allow for Tony's ultimate breakout from his kidnappers.

It's rare for a character to translate so accurately from generation to generation, but and Stark's Iron Man is certainly one of them.

Both the comic book and film iterations of Tony's Mark I Iron Man helmet and suit represented a new beginning for Stark as well as followers of the legendary comic book and now film franchise.

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